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Liberty & Rights vs. Security
Something to think over

Nowadays governmental restrictions against the liberty and rights of its citizen are growing in a tremendous and disturbingly manner around the world, even in free so called democratic countries.

Fear is spread under populations - waiting for their calls after more security - to accomplish the possibility to restrict their own liberties and rights as a citizen by making new laws in the all present name of security.

One exchanges liberty for security but at the end has none of them. Where will this lead to?

Punish crime and terrorism? Definitely yes and there should be no doubt about this question but the fight against crime and terrorism can not and must not be the driving force to control, restrict and spying out innocent citizens.

Are we going back in history to 1936?

Even the most strict security laws are not able to provide people that security we are supposed to believe but instead give the modern states all the power we do not want to have them.

Criminals do not abide to laws no matter what they are about!

Live itself is dangerous and risky even before we are born and security should and can only be achieved through education and not with more and more limitations and restrictions.

Fear is part of our human nature and it activates body and mind in dangerous and critical situations to protect our life and health from jeopardizes and some sort of hubris.

But fear is also an excellent method for molding people against their real wills and thoughts including all the benefits of a commercial showdown.

"Fear surrounds us again like primitive ones. The civilization comfort cannot avoid it; we only attempt to belie us with its assistance over it. We succeed only fragile and occasionally. What lies more near, than that power-greedy particulars or minorities make use of this situation?". [Eugen Kogan]

People have to learn to respect each other despite of race, religion or color as human beings, and then indiscriminate calls for more security will decrease automatically because daily and artificial created fear will disappear and living together will be harmonious.

If you do not want more unnecessary and useless restriction of your liberty and rights, be careful with your call for more security, caused by real and artificial fears spread through the media like television, radio and newspapers every day.

And remember, nobody can foresee if there will appear in the future another political leader (miss-) using the states power in a way nobody even would like to think of.

Aichholzer P.



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